Laughter Festival 2018 Programme

laughter-festival-logo-2017It’s about feeling good.

Laughter Festival Flight LF2018 – Check-in Desk Open

It’s all go here at LFHQ as we’re busy taking bookings for next year, returning lost luggage and conducting post-flight checks.

We’ll soon start announcing some very special happenings for us to enjoy and there will be even more time to dance, sing, play and laugh for happiness, health and wellbeing. 

Programme Timings: (Subject to change.)
Friday 1st June 2018

09:00 – LYUK ‘Health & Happiness’ Conference 2017

14:00 – Laughter Festival arrivals. Gates open.

Gallery 3717:00 – Positive People Perfect Party Preparations
with Anna and Mark from The Subtle Truth
19:00 – Fancy dress musical procession. Bring your smiles and energy, drums, whistles, rattles and voices, any fancy dress and let’s get this party started!.
19:30 – Opening Fire Ceremony.
20:00 – BOOM! We have lift off. (Group photo).
20:20 – 
21:30 – 
22:30 –
23:30 –

Saturday 2nd June 2018

08:00 – Morning Yoga with Liz Watts read more. 
09:00 – Icebreakers with Linda & Nancy read more. Rainbow Meditation with Emma Barker-Hall read more.
10:00 – Sound Immersion with Carly read more. Hatha Yoga with Anna read more. Chakra Dance with Analise read more. Soul Gazing with Wes read more. JFTDC (Just for today don’t complain) with Leo.
11:00 – Dance of the Heart (2hrs) with Karen read more. Dolphin Laughter with Alice read more. Smile Power Meditation with Teigh-Anne read more. Loving Kindness Meditation with Pauline read more. Kids fun (2hrs) with Alex and Jo (The Misfits)  Happy Feet Walk with Maggie.
12:00 – Circling with Enri read more. Storytelling with Amanda read more.
13:00 – Creative Writing with Anjali & Ali read more. Kindfulness and Connection with Shamash, Mindfulness with Dave Spencer, Improv with Annetta read more. Didgeridoo with Gregg read more.
14:00 – Sound Medicine (90mins) with Sharlene, Healing Circle with Andrea read more. Laughter Dance with Eva read more. Balance your Chakras with Laughter with Karen read more.
15:00 – Spirit of the Drum with Tina read more. Laughter Yoga with Lotte, HTWTL (Help The World to Laugh) with Dave Berman read more.
16:00 – Olit Dance with Marica read more. The Physiology of Positivity with Caroline read more. Laughter Yoga Ooh La La! avec Nigel read more. Breathe your way to Joy! with Morag (2hrs) read more.
17:00 – Didgeridoo with Gregg read more. Relax Kids with Analise read more. Soul Scripting with Gillian Torres read more.
18:00 – Helen Wilson – Folk Singer Songwriter, Storytelling with Amanda read more.

18:30 – FREE HUGS HALF HOUR with Anna and Mark from The Subtle Truth
19:00 – Tom George
19:40 – Sophie Marsh
20:00 – Blackthorn
21:00 – Captain Stingray’s Groove Machine
22:00 – Babadub
23:00 – DJ Sammy.
Rocking the party til 1am. Expect to see the biggest smiles and the deepest bass faces on the dance floor for a superb climax of full-power positive vibes.
01:00 – Fireside acoustics. Bring your guitar, sing softly and tell stories around the fire.

Sunday 3rd June 2018

08:00 – Yoga for All with Liz Watts read more. Early Morning Laughter Time with Barker & Floyd
09:00 – Circling with Enri read more. Chi Kung with Martin read more. Sound Immersion with Carly read more.
10:00 – Laughter Yoga with Joe read more. Drum Circle (2hrs) with Donna, Mindfulness with Linda read more.
11:00 – Personal Wellbeing Mantra – Anjali & Ali read more. Laughter Satsang with Nenari, Kids Meditation with Emma Barker-Hall, Love and Laughter with Celeseah read more.
12:00 – YAMTYTYA (You are more than you think you are) with Mike Shinton read more. LYUK Meetup/Q&A, Kids Fun (2hrs) with Alex and Jo (The Misfits), Didgeridoo with Gregg read more.
13:00 – Mystical Indian Singing with Madeeha, Laughter Championships with Robin read more.


Gallery 5314:00 – Closing Ceremony and Group Photo
14:30 – Closing Fire Ceremony. Farewells and goodbyes

17:00 – Festival gates closed

Buy tickets now using the link above.

  • Advance tickets save ££’s.
  • Children under 16 years of age go FREE but must be accompanied by an adult.


Workshops: (Alphabetically listed).
All workshops are provided free of charge by amazing people just like you.
If you’re bursting to get involved and want to share your gifts with others then please email us at: to add your magic to the programme!

Balance your Chakras with Laughter – Karen Roberts
Tips and tools to show how laughter can help you keep your chakras balanced.
read more.
Balloon Sculpting – Mr Twists
read more.
Breathe your way to Joy! – Morag Wylie
Transformational Breath® is a powerful breathing technique which allows us to dissolve the blocks that stand between… read more.
Chakra Dance – Analise Parkins 
Chakra Dancing is a healing therapy using music, movement colour and meditation, it is an invitation… read more.
Circling – Enri Fernandez
Circling, also referred to as interpersonal mindfulness, is a relatively new practice where we put our awareness and attention on what is happening in the here and now, without an agenda or judgement… read more.
Creative Writing – Anjali & Ali 
Turn your ideas into stories with plots and characters that engage readers from start to finish… read more.
Dance of the Heart – Karen Skehel
Dance of the Heart is a beautiful, uplifting and healing workshop experience of self expression for those who love to dance as well as for those for whom dance wouldn’t normally be a natural choice… read more.
Didgeridoo Sound Healing – Gregg Chapman
Australian born, Gregg Chapman – The Didgeridoo Man, uses the sounds, vibrations and spirituality of the ancient Australian didgeridoo to bring deep relaxation and healing to the mind, body and soul.  read more.
Dolphin Laughter – Alice Brohus Skriver
The Dolphin Laughter workshop is like swimming with free wild dolphins, you never know what might happen… read more.
Happy Feet – Merry Maggie
Hatha Yoga – Anna Semlyen
Hatha yoga & co-ordination including Rishi Isometrics, Energise body & mind. read more.
Healing Circle – Andrea Detchon
Open to all. If you’re feeling a little low on energy come along for this group session. Energy healing comes in many forms and all are welcome to come and share their energies and recharge their batteries… read more.
Help the World Laugh – Dave Berman
Meet the inspiration and driving force behind the worldwide phenomenon that is Daily Laughers! With the intention of encouraging 1,000,000 people… read more.
Icebreakers – Linda Nightingale and Nancy Nudds
Regardless of our experience as Laughter Leaders there may still be those amongst  attendees at our sessions, who find it hard to relax or let go.  This session will share some simple but fun ‘activities’ using singing, clapping, actions… read more.
Improvised Scenes – Fun Improv Workshop: with Anetta. Fun drama improv / acting games. Say yes & practise being in the moment: Listen & react. Lots of games & short scenes just for fun no acting experience necessary… read more.
Laughter Championships – Robin Graham
read more.
Laughter Dance – Eva Provodel
Eva Provedel is a Joy Coach, Laughter Yoga Teacher and Laughter Ambassador, Expression-Enabler and Personal Impact Trainer. She also loves to dance tango and blues, and performing at the theatre… read more.
Laughter Satsang – Nenari
Laughter Yoga Ooh La La! – Nigel Shamash 
Come on a very joyful journey through the landscape of corporal expression, past dance and song, stopping off at chi kung, saying farewell to inhibitions… read more.
Laughter Yoga with Joe – Joe Hoare
Add the ‘natural’ to your laughter yoga – develop your spontaneity and your flexible fun. Use your body, voice, heart, mind, and soul, read more.
Laughter yoga with Lotte – Lotte Mikkelsen
Love and Laughter – Celeseah Djhulia Kumara
Join Laughter Therapist Celeseah in discovering the importance of Laughter and Love in creating intimacy and fulfillment in our relationships… read more.
Loving Kindness Meditation – Pauline Masters
This meditation when practised regularly, begins to bring about positive changes and helps us be less troubled… read more.
Mindfulness Introduction – Linda Nightingale
No doubt many of us have heard of & perhaps use mindfulness practices within our work as laughter leaders, facilitators or the like. In this introductory session, we will… read more.
Morning Yoga – Liz Watts
This session will include flowing sequences of postures, breath work and a short relaxation… read more.
Personal Wellbeing Mantra – Anjali & Ali
Combining the power of positive affirmations and the focus of mantra meditation, you will develop your own mantra and use it to uplift your mind and spirit… read more.
Physiology of Positivity – Caroline Hart
In Laughter practice we have often been told that the body doesn’t know the difference between real and simulated laughter. The term “Fake it till you make it” is commonly used but how does this work? read more.
Rainbow Meditation – Emma Barker-Hall
Meditation creates a safe space within, from which growth and positive change can be nurtured and developed. read more.
Relax Kids – Analise Parkins
Relax kids takes children through 7 step to relaxation through movement, games, stretching, massage, breathing, affirmations and visualisations.
read more.
Smile Power Meditation – with Teigh-Anne
Take a journey deep within your solar plexus and discover the true power of your smile, what lies within and release what’s waiting to be free.
read more.
Soul Gazing – Tim and Wes
In a comfortable, safe and quiet space we will dive deep into the Now by initiating and maintaining eye contact with another and simply observing what is. Without judgement and without trying to change a thing… read more.
Soul Scripting – Gillian Torres
Soul Scripting is a mindfulness practice. It is a form of meditation that teaches ways to use writing as a powerful, easily accessible form of self-care and self-exploration… read more.
Sound Immersion – Carly Oliver
Immerse in the healing vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls, Himalayan sing bowls, chimes and rain sticks. read more.
Spirit of the Drum – Tina Kavanagh
Connecting to the Earth with a shamanic healing and drumming workshop to heal heart and soul. All welcome… read more.
Story Telling – Amanda Smith
‘The Call to Change’ explores themes of fear, change and personal transformation. Amanda will tell some traditional stories from around the world that explore and describe the inner urge to change… read more.
Tai Chi Chi Kung – Martin Hammond
An introduction to the graceful movements and health benefits of Chi Kung for overall fitness of mind, body and soul… read more.
Yoga for All – Liz Watts
This session is suitable for all ages and abilities. Expect mobilisation of the physical body, breath awareness, short meditation and relaxation… read more.
You Are More Than You Think You Are – Mike Shinton
We are all much greater than we have been brought up and conditioned to believe we are. We have a power within us… read more.

HealthSpa2017Health Spa: 
Cabourne Parva really lives up to its reputation as a world-class eco-boutique wedding and events venue with facilities including a passive solar health spa with a salt bath Jacuzzi, wet sauna, compost hot showers and a wood-fired hot tub. This is an optional extra for those that love a pamper. Wristbands are available from reception for £5 per hour or £10 per day.


Art of Love – Carly Oliver.

Shamanic Healing – Tina Kanvanagh


Didgeridoo Sound Healing – Gregg Chapman
Do-Terra Essential Oils
– Gloria Lambert

Giles Atkinson Photography – Giles specialises in a documentary style of photography, with a passion for capturing real-life moments as they happen.

Hermit Lodge – Bridey Barber

Rainbow Pixie – Malcy & Nicky will be sharing their findings of all things bright and beautiful again this year. Stained glass a speciality.

The Fowk – Hand made Fimo fantasy figurines and giftware by Charlie. Workshops magic wands, mini fairy doors and jesters. 

The Wombles – Ethnic clothing from around the world by Emma and Steve.

Veganic Kitchen – Vegan, organic and homemade. Our resident Vegan Master Chef Jacqui will be dazzling us with her smile as well as her knife skills. Nom nom nom.


Helen Wilson
is a folk singer songwriter from Knutsford Cheshire. With a history in the business as a backing vocalist, she decided to finally debut her own songs in 2014.
With an eclectic mix of beautiful folk songs with a spiritually uplifting message, Helen is becoming a much sought after live artist at local festivals and gatherings. Helen performs live, both solo with a guitar, and occasionally with a larger live band. Rainbow of Colour is her signature track and it showcases her lyrical skill and beautiful melodic writing.

The Ginger Boatman

A celebration of life and conscious expression, blending reggae, folk and world music. Acoustic singer songwriter taking influences from flamenco, reggae, folk, blues, gypsy, and rock! Conscious lyrics for conscious minds. Love love love.


The Subtle Truth

The Subtle Truth

Anna Semlyen and Mark Bywater are The Subtle Truth… a songwriting duo in York, who play ukulele and guitar. Our songs are upbeat with amusing lyrics.

Firm festival favourites at the Laughter Festival The Subtle Truth will no-doubt bring a smile to your face with their style and pazzazz. 🙂

Mobius LoopMobius Loop

Alex O’Hara & Katie Ryan of Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations, conscious resonations and cymatic unifications by projecting an Mobius Loop Logoorganic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality, vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic, in the name of Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown.

Captain Stingray's Groove Machine

Captain Stingray’s Groove Machine

Captain Stingray’s Groove Machine is a musical fusion influenced by a wide range of styles, philosophies and cultures.

The music is a spicy blend of Afro, Latin American, Reggae, Funk and Rock, creating a sound that you can’t help but dance to.


Tom GeorgeTom George

I’m an acoustic songwriter. I can be folky but also, poppy, psychedelic, punky + jazzy…I also perform poetry…
I’ve played in loads of bands, playing in many styles of music – punk, alternative rock, blues-rock etc… I’ve been doing acoustic gigs lately, sometimes accompanied by percussion. My recordings tend to be more fully-arranged, with drums, bass, electric guitars etc. Check them out at:

Sunny and Boo BooSunny and Boo-Boo

Formed in Spring 2012 when Matty met Natasha. Quickly writing a plethora of music together, they secured an abundance of gigs at venues and festivals around England. With their first drummer and harmonica player, they released their debut album in 2013. Finding Love, which is available on iTunes, reflects Sunny and Boo-Boo’s early acoustic-folk roots. Since then, their music has evolved into a punchy purée of bluesy, folky, rocky, experimental sound.

LFEST2016-292Charlie and Chums
We’re delighted that Sharlene Squire will be returning in 2017 with more lovely shenanigans for us all to amaze at! Marty is coming too to wow us with his magical musical mastery and gizmos galore!
If you had the pleasure of experiencing Babadub last year, you’ll know we’re all in for a very special treat.

Northern Soul and Tamla Motown DJNorthernSoul

Get your groove on with Dave Hanson from Tudno Soul featuring the Best in 60s & 70s Classic & Rare, Northern Soul & Motown choons to get everyone grooving to a very special beat.


DJ SammyDJ Sammy

Hailing from the Shropshire hills, this West-Mids boy has spent the last 6 years working his way up to the biggest and best parties, festivals and club nights in the area and further, regularly featuring on and BBC Shropshire Introducing.You can guarantee Sam will bring a euphoric frenzy and tribal coming together of dancing.


… and many more to be announced soon 🙂

Buy tickets now using the link above.

  • Advance tickets save ££’s.
  • Children under 16 years of age go FREE but must be accompanied by an adult.