Dear Everyone.

I come to you with both some sad and positive news.


Unfortunately the Laughter Festival 2018 will not go ahead in June as hoped because our sales have not met our targets and to continue on regardless would bring further financial exposure and risk.


Tim and I always said that we would stop doing this when it stopped being fun and as the sole registered owner of the business it falls upon my shoulders to do the right thing for all the good people who have bought tickets and to ensure that they get their money back.


Those of you who paid using Brown Paper Tickets (perhaps using a credit card) will be refunded directly by them and those of you who paid by Paypal will be refunded through Paypal.
On Tuesday 6th February I informed HMRC (and all other authorities) that Laughter Time has now Ceased Trading completely. I have made the difficult decision to close the doors to my business.
As I do have the funds available to refund everybody I am not filling for bankruptcy, merely paying everybody back and Ceasing to Trade immediately.
I have been trying to promote unconditional laughter as a therapeutic practice for people with stress, anxiety and depression since at least 2015 (if not before) and I have realised that after all this time, I just can’t seem to make it work.
Although it’s always hard to come to a final decision such as this, things are always better on the other side of making them. It is a great relief to be writing this to you today after the financial worries I’ve had of trying to make ends meet.
Fear holds us back and the opposite of fear is love.


So with great love in my heart, I wish you all well and thank you for supporting me over the past few years.


For now I am completely retiring from my work in Laughter Yoga and instead I will continue to follow my passions of working with nature and animals and loving every moment with my beautiful dog Simba which I am very happy and positive about.
Taking people for mindfulness walks in nature is something else I’m very interested in doing more of so I’m really looking forward to re-training in this area.


As I am sure many of you can imagine, closing down a business is not an easy thing for anyone to do or to move on from so as well as a new job hunt, I am very pleased to say that from tomorrow I will also be embarking upon a programme of counselling to help me through the process in good cheer.
Please bear with me as I process all the refunds due over the next few weeks.
With love and deep respect.

Yours sincerely,

Wes Floyd

Ex-Founder of Laughter Time and the Laughter Festival.